Liina Puustinen

Liina is a certified IYENGAR® Yoga Teacher (Senior Intermediate I), she has been practicing yoga since the end of the nineties and teaching since 2006. Liina has studied a number of occasions at the Iyengars’ institute in Pune, India, and with many international teachers. Currently she teaches in studios in Düsseldorf and in the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Rhein-Ahr in Cologne, where she also regularly assists the remedial yoga class and participates deepening training for teachers. Liina is known for her energetic, joyful and precise teaching style. She enjoys working with beginners as well as more advanced students. Liina has lived in many countries and teaches mostly in English. She holds a PhD in social sciences, and enjoys cycling, music and art.

Phone: (English/German) +49 1578 9116518

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